Our mission is quite simple here at BleuVision. We have always seen people complain about their headaches/migraines, sleepless nights, eye fatigue, anxiety and much more! So we researched and researched until we found something HUGE - BLUE LIGHT! Scientists have published findings that have proven that the effects of blue light meant that our brain and body were being told that it is still day light outside. What does this mean? It simply means that every night when you use your mobile phone, watch TV or watch any screen for that matter before you sleep. Your brain and body are under the assumption that it is still daylight outside which makes it harder for you to fall asleep. So once we found this out we knew there had to be technology to remove this blue light altogether - Thus we ended up here, with blue light blocking glasses. We knew we had to stand out so we sourced only the best looking glasses models and made them into blue light blocking glasses. We are still growing our catalogue to keep up with fashion, which means we will be getting new models in every season!